Morning Glory Homes can be a good fit for some looking for work.

We started Morning Glory Homes so we could provide care for residents. We are not ‘corporate’ in nature—we are a small family run business. We are selective in admitting new residents, and often leave a room empty rather than just admitting anyone. This is because we want to maintain the character of the home and make residents truly feel at home and cared for.
This business is more of a calling or passion for us. You need to have this same mind-set; this is more than just a paycheck and more than a job.
Residents are important; but so are you! You are the one who will hold their hand and calm them. You are the one to ensure they are getting healthy foods and medications. All the little things you do may never be seen by anyone else, and you may never receive a thank you.
For this and more, we want you to know how important you are to Morning Glory, but more importantly how important you are to the residents and their families at Morning Glory Homes.

Many of our employees are studying to become LPN and RNs – we do have some flexible hours available that can accommodate studies, and we also have promoted CNAs to work for us as a nurse.

Positions Available

CNA – overnight shift. Hours 7pm – 7am, up to 48 hours a week.
CNA – on call. Hours vary, but typically 3pm-7pm weekends and some weekdays.


  • CNA License preferred.
  • Punctual, Responsible, and Caring
  • Reliable transportation is required
  • Compassionate and kind
  • Able to pass background check
  • Demonstrated ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language to communicate with all customers

Interested? Call Lucy RN at (952)-475-8096 and leave a message at extension 0, else leave your information on the Contact page.